• ALL dancers are the sole responsibility of their dance school/ studio. Supreme Dance Competition is not responsible for any competitor.
  • ALL entrants under the age of 16 must be chaperoned by a dance school/studio nominated adult at any Supreme Dance Competition event.
  • Each dance school is permitted 1 chaperone per number of 12 children.
  • All named chaperones must have their DBS or chaperones licence details registered with Supreme Dance Competition prior to a competition.
  • Dance school principals/persons in charge and chaperones must be responsible and accountable for the conduct of the children in their care throughout the competition.
  • Only those registered as a chaperone will be permitted backstage.
  • Please ensure chaperones display their chaperone licenses at all times during a Supreme Dance Competition and carry with them their DBS certificates which must be provided at the registration desk on the day of the competition. Chaperones may also be asked to provide ID and proof of DBS certificates at any time during the competition.
  • Lanyards will be provided to those chaperones with licenses which are displayed on wallet sized cards to allow the licence to be on display during competitions held by Supreme Dance Competition.
    Failure to provide proof of DBS/chaperones licences on the day of competition will result in the named person not being permitted backstage or in the changing areas.
  • Any changes to the chaperone list made on the day of the competition will need to be authorised by the dance principal/person in charge and approved by Supreme Dance Competition before the individual is permitted backstage.
  • Male chaperones are not permitted in the female changing areas at any time. Specific changing areas, for male dancers only will be provided at every competition.
  • Public areas will be available for those not permitted backstage to assist dancers with any form of costume change. Corridors and fire exits must not be blocked at any time during a competition in case of emergencies.

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